Giving people superpowers

Per Axbom

One person stumbles, wavers and sighs heavily with frustration. Another person flies, jumps and glides with a confident expression. You already know which feeling you want to convey in your service.

You succeed when your clients, users and co-workers excel. I work with removing friction, eliminating obstacles and improving communication. Users and stakeholders must feel empowered and unrestricted.

I’ve created digital solutions since I was a child, professionally for 19 years, and I’ve helped more than 50 organizations, startups and leading international companies. My expertise is in UX (user experience), interaction design and digital strategy.

Make sure you contact me when you’re working with digital challenges. I’ll help you fly, jump and glide.

UX Podcast

Per Axbom & James Royal-Lawson host UX Podcast, with a new thought-provoking show out every other Friday. The podcast currently has listeners in more than 60 countries. Listen on Soundcloud or subscribe in your favorite podcatcher – the show is on iTunes and Stitcher. And the latest show is right here:

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