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Design Management & UX

More than 19 years of experience working with digital media, and a degree in communication science, allow me to understand and explain problems and solutions comprehensibly – in a visual language that promotes efficient projects as well as better products and services for my clients.

Research, interviews, interaction design, prototyping and UX leadership are proven and familiar skills in my toolkit.

Sincere, knowledgeable and engaging. You can always trust in Per and the times we have worked with him he has delivered beyond expectations.

Funda Denizhan, Manager User Experience, Valtech

Professional coaching

The increased complexity in all areas of life contribute to feelings of resistance, inability and inadequacy. Many have dreams and lists of things they want to learn or become better at, both in their personal and professional lives. But there are perceived obstacles to managing them.

My driving force as a professional coach is to help individuals become the best version of themselves – to help people faster overcome roadblocks and hurdles to reach where they want to be.

Explainer videos

You need to distribute information about a service, an organisational change or a clever idea you have; but the challenge is that as many as possible should grasp and understand the information. An explainer video is always on message, it helps you create engagement and insight without requiring your presence, and  it can be distributed broadly and used over and over again.

Per sketched as we told our story and the result is a film we always start our presentations with. The value it brings is a curious audience who are quicker to understand the message, and significantly fewer Powerpoint slides.

Seminars, keynotes and workshops

My talks build on the dependencies between design and people. I want to challenge how you approach problems, your perception of standardised processes and I want you to question your own motives.

Problem solving involves knowing how many times to ask “Why?” and in design we must always consider what helps people and what manipulates them. Are we building things for the future or are we contributing to the noise? You can influence that.

Very refreshing to hear from what I’d call a “realist” today at #UXLX nice one @axbom right up my street so my highlight so far

John Aylott, Designer & Director of Fourleaf, Surrey

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UX Podcast

Per Axbom & James Royal-Lawson host UX Podcast, with a new thought-provoking show out every other Friday. The podcast currently has listeners in more than 60 countries. Listen on Soundcloud or subscribe in your favorite podcatcher – the show is on iTunes and Stitcher. And the latest show is right here:

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