A persona walked into a storyboard…

I know you haven’t heard this one…! [box type=”note” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full” icon=””]A persona walked into a storyboard looking for […]

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Little Bossman Chapter 2

I’m dreaming. I’m standing at the edge of a garden, holding a sparkly cocktail glass with a yellow liquid. I […]

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Little Bossman Chapter 1

”What you do is, you shoot them down, one by one.” He lifts his right hand and points a chubby […]

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Kiss my Context!

October 20, 1999 Have you ever been in a meeting (this is a rhetorical question, yes), listened to several participants […]

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Practice Safe Stress

June 7, 1999 YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE how often over the past month I’ve heard the words: ”I’m a bit stressed, […]

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What’s the Deal with WAP?

September 23, 1999 I HAVE AN acquaintance who in his resume once wrote that he was experienced within the fields […]

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Crying Wolf (the Y2K scare)

September 9, 1999 I’M ALMOST DISAPPOINTED ;). I half-expected to wake up to a world in technological chaos, planes crashing, […]

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