NOTE! This magazine is no longer being updated!

Staying up-to-date is one of the challenges of our time. Diving into and sifting though all this information and finding the right stuff. And then there are people like me who just love finding the best tidbits and sharing them everywhere. But that can be overwhelming for some as well: following me on Twitter, visiting the Facebook page or Google Plus. Now, instead, you can lean back with your iPad or iPhone (and soon also any Android device) and read these articles as if they were in a magazine. Or hang on, that’s exactly what it is.

The very best links I share in UX, design, strategy and digital inspiration can now be read in a magazine in the Flipboard app. Flipboard is free and so is my magazine. And a holiday is perfect for getting to grips with your consumption of current goings-on in the digital world.

  1. If you don’t have it, download and install Flipboard ( on your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Visit with the same device and allow the link to open in Flipboard.
  3. Press ”Subscribe”.
  4. Enjoy. The magazine is kept up-to-date for you.

Happy Easter!

NOTE! This magazine is no longer being updated!