The AceAwe Experience Model: Helping You Create Impressive Products

The AceAwe Experience Model: Helping You Create Impressive Products

An e-book based on a series of articles I wrote on my Swedish blog around the experience model AceAwe. I describe a process for managing experience-oriented design in a holistic and structured way. And by truly helping the people you want to reach.

This book is also available in Swedish.

From the foreword:

Many of these new theories completely overthrow earlier conceptions about how organizations should view their customers, employees, and stakeholders. The view that humans are rational beings who make decisions based on logical reasoning is but a memory.

Welcome instead the new way of thinking about humans β€” as people who trust their intuition when they can’t be bothered reading all the information, make poor decisions when they are emotional, and want to buy things from you because you have a nice attitude and share an interest in cats.

AceAwe template

A template you can download to make use of the model in your own projects.

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