Curious about 2016

2015 . 12 . 31

Being curious is one of the traits that feeds our human intelligence. Curiousity contributes to our speed of development, our […]

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Once upon a time, in the land of Carefree, there lived a little girl named Leeloo. But everyone called her Red Riding-Hood as she always wore an old red, grungy hoodie. She was getting a bit tired of always being Red Riding-Hood though. She was thinking of renewing herself. In fact, for the next time she was going to visit her grandmother, she had it in her mind to buy a good-looking green hoodie instead.

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My agenda for #uxlx 2013

2013 . 05 . 13

There’s a great deal of preparations that go into getting the most out of a business conference. Here’s my agenda […]

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