During the summer of 1993 I wrote the novel Little Bossman. I was 19 years old.

Almost 13 years later I licensed the book under a Creative Commons license and made it available for download and distribution on the Internet. It is now also published in Kindle format on Amazon.

The Story

Pierce Angel has just killed his best friend and, as if by design, a ghost from the past returns to his life and starts asking questions. Now a journalist, his former student and soul mate wants answers far beyond the questions she is asking. As police close in and his own denial of events take on epic proportions Pierce keeps returning in time to those creative writing classes he so loved giving, to those lost moments and pillow talks with Elizabeth. He would much rather spend time there and avoid any present confrontation. After all, he is 30 years old, hardly any time left to accomplish anything at all. And as if killing his best friend wasn’t enough, his wrists begin to itch  again.

Little Bossman may read as a thriller, or a mystery, but really it is about a passion for writing and a young man trying desperately to find his true voice.

Message me if you would like a free copy.