There’s a great deal of preparations that go into getting the most out of a business conference. Here’s my agenda for this week at User Experience Lisbon, complete with Twitter handles for all the speakers.

» Contacts: @uxlx on Twitter
» Hotel: Tryp Oriente (street view)
Hotel Trype Oriente - conference hotel for UXLx
» Venue: FIL Meeting Centre
FIL Meeting Centre, venue for UXLx conference

» Programme on Lanyrd

» Programme on UXLx

Tuesday May 14

  • 18:00 Wine-tasting event (welcome party). Just drop in!
    Starts at 18:00 at the Tivoli Oriente Caffe (Parque das Nações, next to Gare do Oriente).

Wednesday May 15

  • 08.00 Registration starts at 8.
    Bring your PDF ticket or if you use the Eventbrite app, you can bring up your QR-code ticket on your phone.
  • 09.00 Lean Ethography, Kelly Goto @go2girl – Room 1.
    Rapid contextual research methods and integration into lean UX processes.
  • 10.30 30-minute break
    (Buy dinner tokens between 10-13.)
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 14.00 Lightning Talk 1 (undecided)
  • 14.30 Lightning Talk 2 (undecided)
  • 15.00-18.30 Transform Your Work Through Visual Thinking, James Macanufo @mcgeo – Auditorium II.
    Simple and quick visual-thinking methods that can have a dramatic impact on how you feel when you work and on what you produce when you work. (16.30 30-minute break)
  • 20.00 Barbecue Meats dinner at ”Buffalo Grill”
    South of the venue, overlooking the dock, a barbecued meats restaurant with a pleasant terrace.

Thursday May 16

  • 09.00 Design Synthesis Methods, Jon Kolko @jkolko – Auditorium II.
    Translate research into meaningful insights, by applying various synthesis methods to elicit hidden meaning in gathered data.
  • 10.30 30-minute break
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 14.00 Lightning Talk 1 (undecided)
  • 14.30 My Lightning Talk: Eliminate Design – see slides – @axbom
  • 15.00-18.30 From UX to service design, Andy Polaine @apolaine – Auditorium III.
    A flexible and powerful approach useful for everything from mapping out and making sense of insights research, through brainstorming and ideation to design specification and measurement. (16.30 30-minute break)
  • 20.00 Conference dinner at the ”República da Cerveja”.
    A typical brewery style restaurant (east of the venue, by the riverfront). My food choice: Roasted Cod 

Friday May 17

On the 17th join the UXLx After Party in a sunset cruise on board of the Princípe Perfeito ship, starting at 19:00. Meetup at 18:30. Drinks are on us. The last conference dinner is at the ”Papagayo” restaurant inside the Urban Beach complex. From Cais do Sodré subway station take the Train upstairs to CP Santos station. My food choice: Hake with vaporized Tomato Coulis and Basmatti Rice with Olives.