E-book: The AceAwe Experience Model Helping you create impressive products


About the book

Since 2010 I’ve been using variations of the AceAwe Experience Model in workshops, presentations and large development projects to promote a holistic view of product management and increase awareness of potential weaknesses in design efforts. The model has been well received and I’ve been told by many that it has brought new light to their understanding of UX (User Experience).

The e-book describes the different parts of the model and explains how you can use it as a thinking tool when managing and designing products, giving you a better grasp of where you need to focus your efforts. Originally fashioned to support my work in large-scale websites, the general nature of the model and its flexibility means it has validity in most any work that involves a new artefact that people must interact with.

The AceAwe Experience Model e-book is available in PDF, ePub (iBooks) and mobi (Kindle) formats.

Free when sharing (or even when not sharing)

The e-book available for free using a Creative Commons license. All I ask is for you to share this page below and the download links will appear. If you’d rather not share it or are having trouble, just drop me an e-mail or let me know on Twitter. I’ll send you the link. (You can change the text of what you share before it’s shared.)

Or if you want to support my writing and work, you can buy the Kindle Edition on Amazon. Thanks!

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