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Support Per

For more than 25 years I have been publishing free content in the form of tools, tutorials and teachings in many different formats. And I don't want to stop doing that. I want to keep my content open and accessible to all as far as I can.

I also want to do even more of the same. I want to help:

  1. more tech professionals make services with compassion, and
  2. more people feel safe with, and in control over, the technology in their lives.
Producing and disseminating free knowledge takes time and costs money. Not just the initial work, but also maintaining it over time. The more content, the more storage, traffic and administration.

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To donate any amount of your choice you can use Swish (Sweden) or PayPal.


Send to +460709132500 or scan a QR code.

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If you are curious about my contributions as a speaker, advisor, teacher or consultant in digital strategy, communication and design – get in touch. 😊

If you are not in a position of being able to help financially, remember I am always hugely grateful when you take the time to read my content and share it with others.

Thank you for your care,

Per Axbom (signature)