Hello! Choose the option that best corresponds to your need:

  1. You want to hire me for a new assignment in digital design (UX, usability, accessibility, visualisations, tutorials and more)
  2. You work in media and want to ask a question or perform an interview
  3. You want to hire me as a speaker at a conference or internal event
  4. You want to hire me as an educator within a company or school
  5. You want to hire me as a writer or buy my content
  6. You want to hire me as a personal coach
  7. You want to hire me as group coach for a team within an organization
  8. You want advice or a second opinion on digital design and development
  9. Other questions / comments for the website

1. Assignment in digital design

Thank you for having me in mind. The best thing to do is book a 15 minute call with me to introduce the assignment. Do this on calendly.com/axbom. It's always good if you have info on scope, time constraints and budget, as well as a stated goal. This allows me to describe how I can provide value in the best way, and mor readily provide an offer.

If you do not have a ready-defined assignment we'll talk about what you do know. Sometimes I assist with outlines. If you do not want to describe the assigment in a call, or need to send material, use per@axbom.se.

2. Questions from media

Exciting! If it's time critical you can send a text to +46709132500 and let me know who you are and the subject you wish to discuss. I'm also available on Signal using the same number. Of course you can also email per@axbom.se if it's about booking an interview further into the future.

Find bio information and photos in the press kit.

3. Speaker at a conference or internal event

I give talks on design, ethics, accessibility and responsible innovation, both in English and Swedish. You can read more on how I reason around fees and terms here: axbom.com/speaker. If you find I am a good match for what you're looking for, you are welcome to book a 15 minute call on calendly.com/axbom or email per@axbom.se.

4. Educator at a company or a school (higher/further education)

I primarily teach digital ethics and responsible innovation from a design perspective as well as more generically. During the course I teach how to work with service design and product development in a way that promotes wellbeing and sustainability for users as well as makers and their environment.

I teach in workshop format starting at 4 hours as well as week-long courses. For several years I have been teaching at a vocation school, Nackademin, and managed the course Ethics in design.

If this sounds appealing to your company or organisation, e-mail per@axbom.se with your request.

5. Writer and content licensing

I am happy to write an article for your journal about topics related to digital equality, inclusion and ethics, as well new services and futurist outlooks. See my blog for work samples. E-mail per@axbom.se and with a description of the assignment and its compensation.

If you wisth to republish content from my blog I am happy to discuss. Most of my content is licensed according to CC-BY-NC-SA, meaning you can republish freely under non-commercial terms and equal licensing with attribution. For commercial publishing (paid content or ads-financed/for-profit business) or different licensing, I request a fee for my labor.

6. Personal coach

I work as your coach when you want to reach new objectives at work or are ready to tackle personal goals that have been neglected. We work together to reach insights about your strengths and opportunities, and your best way of planning and operating to realize your own best interests.

Contracts are for at least five meetings (digitally and/or phone) over a period of six months. Book your first meeting for free on calendly.com/axbom/. Both you and I need to feel safe with the other person before taking the next step.

I am a trained coach with the ICF:s ACC accreditation program and follow their code of ethics. All coaching is confidential.

7. Strategic coaching of design and development teams

I customize arrangements where I meet a team (can be mixed roles) for one day per month, over at least six months. Opportunities for individual  dialog are alternated with group coaching.

We always commence with current challenges and questions unique to the team. There is homework between each session that I follow up on. Meetings are prepared and documented to ensure best possible support. Between sessions I am available via email or a discussion forum.

Contracts are set up for six months at a time. Email me at per@axbom.se if this is something your team is ready for.

8. Advice / second opinion

Many people express a wish to meet with me for shorter sessions to ask advice on topics of digital development. I charge for these session as that is the core of my business. If you are not hiring me for a larger project you can simply book an hour or two on calendly.com/axbom. You will see my pricing there as well.

You can also book an hour or two to  for an entire team who together wish to sit down and bombard me with questions or pick my brain. These sessions can be rewarding lunch reflections or informal skill-sharpening "fikas".

9. Other questions

You may want to point out shortcomings on the website or request content you are unable to access. Or you want to send cheer, which is always appreciated. You are welcome to email per@axbom.se.

I get a great deal of email and it's unfortunately not certain I will find time to respond to everything, while I do always read everything. I am still just one person.  😊

Thank your for your consideration and understanding.