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Press kit
Name: Per Axbom
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Age: 49
Title: Senior Design Strategist • Communication theorist • Digital Ethics Advisor
Byline: Educator and advisor in digital ethics, author of Digital Compassion
Occupation: Independent consultant, educator and writer in UX, design, accessibility, digital strategy, AI and ethics


Per Axbom is the Swedish communication theorist and digital designer born in Liberia. His international upbringing, early 80s interest in computing and passion for responsible innovation has fostered a deep concern for human rights in the digital space.

Starting out in the mid-90s, Per has been an early internet adopter, blogger, podcaster and teacher of web trends. He started advocating for online accessibility and a compassionate mindset in service design more than 20 years ago. And by way of his deep curiosity Per has developed a unique and powerful skillset of using digital tools to facilitate creative work and communication.

As an educator, speaker and consultant on the many aspects of digital ethics and design strategy, he finds joy in helping organisations tame the moody powers of digital. Per wants you to discover and master new and fun ways of working with tech for improved wellbeing and personal growth.

"It's not progress when the moral compass is dismissed."

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Photo-portrait of a slightly smiling Per Axbom, with a lighting effect called "Bokeh lights", where several scattered small colored and transparent circular surfaces create a vivid and engaging image.

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Photographer: Simon Axbom