Contact axbom via Signal

Contact axbom via Signal


If you want to send secure messages to me, and for example avoid email, I recommend using Signal. You need my number which is:

+46 70 913 25 00
Signal is recognized as one of the safest apps for sending messages. But remember receipients can for example screenshot whatever you may send. Be confident with your trust in the person you are sending to. Read this interview with Signal's president to understand how Signal differs from other encrypted apps.

Use Signal


If you haven't used Signal before, start by downloadin the app and creating an account. The first time you install the app must be on a mobile.

Download Signal
Download Signal for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Send a message

To send a message to me, first select new message. You will be provided the option of "Find by Phone Number". Enter my number and you will reach me.

Screendump from Signal's app on mobile

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