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I'm a Swedish communication theorist and digital designer born in Liberia. An early internet adopter, blogger, podcaster and teacher of web trends, I've spent many years facilitating sustainable design, strategy and communication. I believe in compassion as a driver of innovation and am known for my work in digital ethics.

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Digital Compassion

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1) Contact details

Messaging, email and postal.

Per Axbom
sms: +46 709132500

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Company Postal address

Axbom Innovation AB
Kivra: 556817-0855

EU VAT: SE556817085501

Trivia: I use Setapp to always have an updated collection of tools and utilities that help me be creative and save time.

2) Services

Consulting, speaking and teaching.

I've been bringing organisations new digital perspectives and approaches since 1996. I strive to foster more healthy and caring organisations in the tech space.

Among my services are digital design, change management, visual communication and digital strategy. I have extensive experience in UX and accessibility. You can also hire me for education, speaking and running workshops.

For references, see my cv.

New service: Digital drive. Hire me 1, 2 or 3 days per month on a yearly basis to access all my skillsets when you need them.

3) Talks and workshops

Inspiration and teaching on inclusive and compassionate digital design

I give talks and teach workshops and courses for organisations, conferences and higher-level education. My most sought-after content is my work on human rights and ethics within design (UX) and digital development.

Event organiser? I have tips for making events more inclusive.

4) Publications

Books, podcasts and more inspirational resources

I've been blogging since 1997 and podcasting since 2007. If you ever want to set up your own content distribution, I can help.

My latest book, Digital Compassion.

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Swedish content


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Trivia: You can learn more about Mastodon here: SpreadMastodon, or through my earlier articles.

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