Digital drive with Per Axbom

Now you can hire me 1, 2 or 3 days a month on a yearly basis. I explain why this is the smartest way of gaining access to the full extent of my knowledge and skills.

Digital drive with Per Axbom

I bring digital expertise via strategic guidance, UX design, accessibility, workshop facilitation, user research, futures studies, communication strategy, tutoring in smart tools, inspiration and more.

We agree at regular intervals on how I best can help you from month to month.

For example, if you employ junior designers, I can also act as a mentor and contribute to projects with quality assurance. A very cost-effective way of working that benefits everyone.

The advantages for you

  • You don't just get someone who "performs" but someone who demonstrates, educates and supports at the same time.
  • A cost-effective way to get access to the full extent of my expertise based on your current needs.
  • A long-term, sustainable relationship that is also flexible with the activities that require attention and focus.
  • I don't abandon ship and leave you hanging after a couple of months.
  • You always have access to a sounding board and planning partner, with decades of experience in digital projects.


Think of this arrangement as a retainer - a fixed fee with significant value in return. I get the job done and see it through every month, and make sure to be available to you when needed. Some months require more and others less. The number of days is an approximate guide and we evaluate long-term needs regularly.

~1 day per month

12 000 SEK/month

~2 days per month

22 000 SEK/month

~3 days per month

29 000 SEK/month

How it works

We have an ongoing dialogue where I listen to your needs, suggest interventions and take responsibility for and drive the work. When you need someone to research, lead a sprint, manage a workshop or communicative effort, I'm already at your disposal.

I primarily work remotely, meaning I can be of help wherever you are. Should my physical presence be required on occasion we act together to make it happen.

The best way to understand all the ways I can support you is to make an appointment to talk about different options. The arrangement is always tailored to your wishes and context. And we ensure that everyone feels trust in the setup before signing an agreement.

About Per

Per Axbom is a strategist and digital advisor with decades of experience in communication and design of online services. He has been blogging since 1997, podcasting since 2007 and managing his own company since 2010. Per is also the author of Digital Compassion.

"The service Digital drive builds on my ability to move without effort between strategy, technical details and different areas of operation. This favors my wellbeing and my creativity. And my clients."