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I get 2-3 emails per day asking for pricing to place ads or articles on my blog and/or website(s). This answers most requests:

  1. I do not host editorial content from other parties. I am the sole writer on with a few, very rare exceptions.
  2. I do not offer space for guest bloggers (see 1).
  3. I do not do sponsorship deals where it's not obvious to my audience and readers that it is a paid promotion.

So, what are the options?

You are welcome to place a regular ad on in a 16:9 responsive format that will be immediately visible at the bottom of several hundreds of blog posts across the entire blog. Responsive format means that it spans the width of my blog across all devices.

Here is an example:

Advertisement: Your ethical tech companion. Get the e-book Digital Compassion now.

The ad must be approved by myself and should be of relevance to my audience. This blog averages 15,000 views per month, and from time-to-time has significant peaks in traffic. Posts on this blog have for example been featured on Hacker News.

Ad spaces are offered on a monthly basis and for a single sponsor per month. The cost per month is 900 Euro, or 1,000 USD (add VAT in the EU).

The way to book a slot like this is to use the form below.

Because of the presumptuous nature of many of the requests to post editorial content on my blog I systematically block most of those email addresses.

This means that even if you are a serious advertiser your address may have been caught in the blocking process. If this is the case, I will unblock when you use the form below. Thanks for your understanding.

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