Automation will resist change

Automation will resist change

Some tasks that are being handed over to automation should arguably never have been tasks in the first place. Or should at least be revised regularly. But instead of questioning and reinventing tasks, many will now be automated to run perpetually. And with no human involved, why would someone then question its validity?

I believe this is part of the non-intuitive aspect of AI and automation, that it will actually in many instances resist change rather than encourage it.

People will forget why that machine is running and worry that cutting its power will break something.

When, in fact, it might free something.

Image description

A line drawing. Two people talking about a black box on the floor, connected to an electronic display on the wall.

Person 1: What does this box do?
Person 2: Dunno, it's been there for a decade.
Person 1: Better not touch it then.