Support Axbom

Support Axbom

backer. also patronne. sponsor, supporter. a person or group that supports a person, an activity, or an organization, especially by giving money.

For more than twenty years I have been publishing free content in the form of tools, tutorials and teachings. And I don't want to stop doing that. I want to keep my content open and accessible to all as far as I can. But I want to do even more of the same. I want to help:

  1. tech professionals make services with compassion, and
  2. everyday users feel safe with, and in control over, the technology in their lives.

The easiest way to help is to become a supporter, meaning you contribute a with a monthly or yearly payment.

If you are not in a position of being able to help financially, remember I am always hugely grateful for you just taking the time to read my content and sharing it with others.

Thank you for being a changemaker,

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