backer. also patronne. sponsor, supporter. a person or group that supports a person, an activity, or an organization, especially by giving money.

For twenty years I have been publishing free content in the form of tools, tutorials and teachings. And I won't stop doing that. But I also want to accomplish more, and spend more time on efforts that maximize value. This is why I'm happily welcoming backers in the form of paying members.

Over the years people have generously asked if they can support my work with small payments. This aligns well with my strong desire to create even more helpful guides, frameworks and educational content for designers, tech enthusiasts and everyday citizens in a world forged by technology.

My focus is, as always, human rights and responsible innovation in a digitized world.

How you benefit

I am known for creating posts, visualisations and explanations that people understand and take to heart. I'm also a good listener, and have studied coaching within the ICF accreditation programme. My purpose is creating immediately useful content that resonates with people who value equality, inclusion and ethics. I hope you're here because you have come across some of it.

I am now providing more of the same in the form of premium content that can take the shape of:

  • Video/blog tutorials, guides and topic breakdowns
  • Tools, templates and canvases for download
  • Long-form reflections on technology developments from a human rights and ethics perspective
  • Group coaching and general discussion rooms
  • Previews of new talks and workshops

Paid content will be of two types:

  1. Paid exclusive. Always only available to paying members
  2. Paid first. Offered to paying members first and with open access months later

To ensure more value I intend to offer a member forum where you can help suggest and vote on topic areas.

Become a backer

You can enjoy free membership for as long as you like. As a subscriber to the newsletter you are already counted as member. When you're ready to become a paid member just upgrade your plan.

  • Free. You become a registered free member and will receive the open newsletter, including invitations to appearances and events. You help me by sharing my content when you find it valuable.
  • Paid: €6/month or €60/year. You support my work financially and will gain full access to all premium backer content and more access to me personally, partly through a backer forum.