Over the years people have sometimes asked how they can support my work. This blog is certainly one of my foremost passions. The notion of being able to spend even more time with it is honestly very appealing.

My goal is always to create more awareness around harmful tech and design, alongside space for reflections on how to improve. I want to write and teach about the ideas that will inspire people—in their own unique ways—to build a future guided by wellbeing.

I'm happy to suggest these ways of helping me realize this goal. Remember, though: this is never my expectation when you read my work.

Share and broadcast

Always know that if you like what I do—and feel comfortable sharing—you are doing me a huge favor. More people seeing my content means more attention for human rights in tech.

I am eternally thankful for individual donations of any size that you are able and willing to make. All of it will sustain more writing and teaching on digital ethics.

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Buy my handbook

Digital compassion ('Digital omtanke' in Swedish) is a small book with a big message. For makers of digital services and products it provides tools for thinking about and mapping negative impact, as well as models for measuring and mitigating harm. And it fits in your pocket.

Hire me

Helping people understand and appreciate new services and experiences is my passion and profession. Hire me when you want to explain a product or reach consensus around new ideas. This may be research and workshops leading to audio/video or visualisations such as interaction design, prototypes, journey maps and mindmaps.

Meet with Per Axbom • Online meeting room
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Remember, as I do not track visitors, your attention and contributions are the true indicators of the impact my work is having.

Again... thank you. ❤️

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