Don't feed the designers after midnight

Slides and links from my World Usability Day talk

Don't feed the designers after midnight

The theme of World Usability Day 2018 is "Design for Good or Evil" — a subject that is very close to heart. I was invited to do a talk at the first edition of the Sthlm Xperience Conference. For some reason I decided early on that I wanted a Gremlins theme. For me it united the period between Halloween and Christmas perfectly, on top of providing two character embodiments for the theme: Gizmo and Stripe. Also, I just love being nostalgic about the 80s.

Long story short, I worked these characters into my talk and ended up drawing (in Keynote with the path tool!) my own versions of the characters to go along with my message. You can view the slides here and I've also provided some reference links below for some of the subjects I covered.

Be good. And stop eating after midnight.


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