My name is Per Axbom and I've been working with web and digital services since the mid-90s, and with computers much longer than that. In middle school I used a computer to control a Turtle robot, drawing patterns on the floor. That was 1984 in Saudi Arabia. A couple of years later I programmed games on my Atari, and made stop motion films, in my teen room in Tanzania. While also writing short stories.

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Almost forty years later, home in Sweden, my interest for human rights plus my education in communication science has blended with that passion for new technology. I want people to be provided safety in the digitalisation happening in society and across the world. So I build and design services with compassion, and teach others to do the same.

We love to talk about how design and technology solve problems, but we must also be open about how they create problems.

My activism in digital ethics has brought me to unexpected places as a speaker, such as a stage in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. I also teach methods for compassionate tech development at schools and companies. All along I keep working as a UX designer and web strategist. I interview and build prototypes one day, and coach individuals and teams the next.

My working life is varied and inspiring, just the way I like it. And my clients come in all shapes and sizes. In recent years I've done a lot of work within health care, an industry both enormously rewarding and challenging. Where there can be so many positive things to derive from digitalisation, and so much that can go wrong. It's that balancing act I often can explain, illustrate and help an organisation manage responsibly.

It's not progress if the moral compass is pointing the other way.

Do you think you and your organisation could benefit from someone like me? Send off an email right now and say hello, to per@axbom.se. Even if you don't quite know how and what we should do together yet, that may be a good first challenge to approach together. 📬

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Thank you for being curious,

P.S. All the different things I'm doing and producing, and services I can help you with, can be found under the menu option Find your way. For a summary of insights that fits on your phone you can buy my book Digital Compassion.

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