A metaverse-inspired poem

A metaverse-inspired poem

Sometimes I sit down and play around with words. Yesterday was one of those times.


I wouldnt’ say I’m risk averse
but aren’t things just much much worse
when that smart thing in your purse
is a megaphone for vicious slurs
as if that is how we define diverse
now asking me to deep-immerse
and I cannot find reverse
need to power through the curse
as no one’s left to reimburse
now this chariot may be a hearse
fuelled forward by a truth-disperse.
This has been my meta verse.

/Per Axbom, February 21, 2022

On Twitter I posted the poem as an image (with an image description of course). You can see it below. I also noted that the part about the chariot and hearse is definitely inspired by one of my favorite TV-series Dickinson, and Emily Dickinson's poem: The Chariot.

Text of the poem followed by an illustration of small carriage, with driver, pulled by a red blob with pointy edges.