Podcasting since 2007, Per Axbom uses the audio format to learn, share and educate. Per can also teach and consult to help you start or grow your own show.

Covers for five different podcasts hosted by Per Axbom

UX Podcast

Since 2011 I have hosted this tech-focused show together with James Royal-Lawson. We have interviewed some of the digital design industry's most interesting minds, released more than 300 episodes and surpassed 2.5 million downloads.

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Carefully with Per Axbom

I read a selection of my blog posts, turning them into a podcast. I also like to enhance these readings with audio effects and source material when available. Making a podcast in this way makes my content more accessible and helps me reach more people. Not everyone reads. My Swedish posts have their own podcast.

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In this episode we’re speaking with designer, educator and thought leader Per Axbom about his book “Digital Compassion as a Driver of Innovation”. As someone who’s been on the leading edge of UX and digital design for the last 15 years Per talks about the need for designersto recognize and understa…
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In this Surfacing Podcast episode, Lisa Welchman and Andy Vitale speak to Per Axbom, a consultant in UX, accessibility and digital strategy, and a speaker and writer on Digital Ethics. They talk about Per’s research and work in design ethics, his first computer and his experience with the social med
Making friends with Tech for Good
Being interviewed by Tech for Good Live [https://www.techforgood.live/] andRebecca Rae-Evans was delightful and uplifting. I have never felt morecomfortable as a podcast guest. I also appreciate and love how I always discoverthings about myself when other people ask me questions and listen with r…

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