Questions for self-reflection

Questions for self-reflection

This text is the content of my auto-reply (out of office message) during the summer of 2021. I always try to provide value back to the person trying to reach me.

I am sparingly checking e-mail during my personal downtime and upkeep. I'm back full-time on Wednesday August 11, 2021. Ways to get in touch with me are listed here.

Here are examples of self-reflection questions I'm spending time on this summer:

  • What have I achieved over the past year and what am I thankful for? (reflect)
  • What do I want to spend more time on? (1-3 goals)
  • When do I want this to happen? (expectation management)
  • What don't I know yet that I need to know to achieve this? (gap analysis)
  • How can I acquire that skill/knowledge? (method)
  • When will I acquire that skill/knowledge? (plan)
  • How will I know I am succeeding? (criteria)
  • Is the thing happening that I wanted to happen? (evaluate, assess, rephrase)

These are not linear by the way. You can always dive into one of them and work on that question. And you never fail, you're just learning about yourself and the world as you go along.

If you are considering a coach to help you through changes, that is one of the things I do, in English or Swedish.

Stay safe, take care and be good,Per