Social media endgame

Social media endgame

We are having an argument. On social media.

Well, you know, not exactly an argument. That's what everyone always calls it. Maybe it's a conversation, a dialogue? It's hard to tell. Sometimes it feels tense, but I can't really know can I? Is there a goal in mind or are we just passing time. What is the endgame, I being to wonder.

It strikes me. We've never met.

I see their avatar. Their name. But I don't know what's real. Truly. What prejudices clawed their way mercilessly into my brain as my eyes wandered over their face. Noticed the stained t-shirt. And what about my avatar. My dog. But it's my real name.

Does this person not like dogs. Is that why they are arguing.

No. Not arguing.

They are quite polite, aren't they. But there is something.

And I guess it's that something which makes me do it. Ask the question. Almost abruptly.

"Hey. How are you? Really. How are you doing?"

And it's five minutes before they respond. Five minutes during which I eat three cookies. I really shouldn't. I hate that I buy them. But it's not like anyone can see me eating them.

"I'm sitting on the bed next to my mum. In the hospital. She has cancer. Doctor says it's a matter of days now."

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. I understand that must be really hard to be going through. Take care of yourself."

Another five minutes go by and they write, "Logging off for a while. I'll catch you later."

It was never an argument.

To be seen.

I saw them.

That's the endgame.