Teaching – Workshops & Courses

Per Axbom runs workshops and courses for organisations, conferences and higher-level education.

Teaching – Workshops & Courses
Photo by Jonas Söderström at EuroIA 2018.
"If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people."
– Chinese proverb

I've been teaching within the digital space for more than two decades. I run workshops in different formats for both conferences and teams, teach courses at universities and develop curricula for educational institutions. I'm also a track leader in digital ethics and inclusive design at Ambition Empower.

Here you will find descriptions of the workshops I'm giving at the moment, and examples of other topics I cover. For talks and keynotes, visit Speaking.

Workshops ✍🏻

All workshops can be structured as half-day, full-day, multi-day or custom-made for your organisation. They are set up to work well both on location and online.

1) ❤️‍🩹 Digital Compassion as a Driver of Innovation

The power we wield as digital creators is significant, as is the potential for harm. By taking responsibility for our power we can not only mitigate negative impact but also build knowledge for advancing our digital services in novel and caring ways. In this workshop we dive into examples of AI, deepfakes and digital gone wrong, we learn to assess and forecast impact, and together we explore how an ethical mindset uncovers insights that contribute to healthy organisations.

2) 🌳 Making Accessibility Sustainable

With the digital landscape constantly in flux, accessibility tends to suffer from fast changes. So how do we ensure that accessibility keeps receiving attention and that investments in accessibility aren't overrun by future fixes and leaps in new technology? In this workshop we look at ways of understanding, communicating and implementing inclusive design principles to ensure caring and attentive digital interfaces and chatbots.

3) 🕵️ Real Listening in Exploratory Research and Design

Asking a question is easy, but real listening takes practice. Many people get stuck trying to cover all bases when designing questions for research and usability testing, but this can actually detract from your learnings. Having an open mind in research and giving people space to think and reflect will provide you with more useful insights and ideas for improving your product and organisation. In this workshop you will learn how to get out of your own head and immerse yourself in the fascinating pursuit of listening to learn and evolve.

More topics

My experience and curiosity within digital is broad and deep. Let me know what you are looking for. Here are some more ideas that spring to mind: Prototype Coding for Designers, Producing Explainer Videos, Making and Executing a Communication Plan, How to Run a Workshop, Managing the Elements of Digital Ethics.

Get in touch

I'm just an email away if you're looking to help yourself or your team get inspired, ahead and more knowledgeable about digital design for improved wellbeing.

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Want to see some of my work first? My Speaker page contains links to videos and slidedecks.

Photos from IxD 2018 and WIAD 2019. Workshop booklet, photo by Alina Cvetkova. Room with attendees, photo by Thibault Jaillon.

What people say

Excellent mix of theory and practical work during the whole course!
– student evaluation
I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend this course! Feels like it should be a given, at the same time as it feels unique to be given this knowledge and now having the ability to pass it on.
– student evaluation
Super fun and valuable having this course. Great teacher with a world of engagement and heart.
– student evaluation
Has been one of the most taxing courses so far, mentally. This isn't a bad thing but we have really been forced to confront our own views on ethics.
– student evaluation
Speaks with clarity and structure. Also very good with lots of exercises for learning the content!
– student evaluation
Passionate teacher! Very pedagogical and really knows his thing. A teacher who makes you question your entire world view.
– student evaluation
I wish it was longer.
– student evaluation (after a 3-week course in digital ethics)

To learn more about the inspirational talks and keynotes I do, see Speaking. For  coaching, strategy or design work, see Consulting.