AI Pooper Mode Request

AI Pooper Mode Request

I remember when the newsletter service Mailchimp and its monkey mascot had a tone-of-voice that was full of jokes and whimsiness. Many found this annoying or offensive (either generally or after prolonged exposure). In the end Mailchimp were compelled to implement a setting so that people could switch off the humor.

When allowing their users to switch off the humor, Mailchimp demonstrated a further lack of zero concern for the real human discomfort of customers. They decided to call that setting "party pooper mode".

Anyway, a setting that I would really appreciate is to turn off all the AI assistants that pop up in different services wherein I want to write my own text.

Feel free to call it "AI Pooper Mode".

But wait. No. "AI pooper" may more accurately describe the setting when it is turned on. This will get confusing. Just let me hide it from sight, please.

Spread the word to all developers.