A Design Ethics Track for Yearlong Bite-Sized Learning

Per Axbom will be leading the Ambition Empower track: Design Ethics = Good Business.

A Design Ethics Track for Yearlong Bite-Sized Learning

I'm excited to reveal my participation as a track leader in the newly launched professional development program Ambition Empower. In this venture, Ambition are offering access to four specialised tracks related to design and design leadership, helping you stay on top of, and ahead on, topics that are important to you.

Instead of taking time away from work, each track is designed to be your ongoing support for one full year. Averaging less than 10 minutes a day, on the tracks that makes sense to your goals, you can build your competence and confidence alongside managing your everyday challenges. Integrating the inspiration from each track will be inevitable, and a reason I believe this is a favorable setup for work training.

I'm truly humbled to be doing this alongside people who have played a role in shaping me into the designer I am today:

  • Kim Goodwin will be leading Product + Design Leadership
  • Susan Weinschenk will be leading Strategy ♥ Design Research
  • Chris Noessel will be leading AI Mastery for Design Leaders

And myself? My track is known as Design Ethics = Good Business. Double meaning intended 😊. On a personal note: I feel my work in design ethics over the past six years has allowed me to bring together professional and personal experience into a productive approach that helps you mitigate negative impact and promote wellbeing. This approach has evolved into my purpose and passion.

Each track will include self-guided work and regular live video meetings with me and the other track leaders. And you can choose to attend as many tracks as you want, and have a say in building the best possible combination of ongoing learning for where you are and where you want to go.

Read more about each track, and the low price for a full year's worth of thoughtful professional development, over on the Ambition Empower website.

Design Ethics = Good Business with Per Axbom. Photo of Per alongside smaller images of Kim Goodwin, Susan Weinschenk and Chris Noessel.
The promotional image for my track.

Posting on LinkedIn, Ambition's CEO Johan Berndtsson had this to say about me and it honestly made me tear up:

🤬 WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K!? Ever seen a service or product that might cause people harm? Ever helped create one?

Screaming and being offended is easy, especially when you have nothing to lose... But, one of the things that make Per Axbom special, is that he takes a step further. Per doesn't shout, and he doesn't judge. Per is a problem solver, and a toolmaker. Instead of ranting, he continuously provides tips, tricks and tools that enable us to have those really difficult discussions, and make informed decisions.

I've been wanting to collaborate with Per for a long time now, and I'm SO HAPPY that Per is joining Kim Goodwin, Susan Weinschenk, and Christopher Noessel at Ambition Empower to lead the DESIGN ETHICS = GOOD BUSINESS track!

"In this track you will learn to manage ethical decision-making and lead with compassion. I will strive to provide a safe environment for you to recognise and discuss difficult choices, and offer practical tools and guidance for more easily managing those choices. Ethics may feel illusive and daunting but when managed well is a path to a more rewarding work environment and sustainable business."

The "Design Ethics = Good Business" track will continually adapt to the needs of the members, but likely topics include:
🌟 Purpose, application and value of design ethics.
📈 Understanding value systems and how we prioritise our actions.
🙄 Role-related responsibilities. Holding ourselves accountable.
🙋🏽‍♀️ How to raise, and talk about, ethical issues within a team, and with decision-makers.
🤲 Supporting teams in safe and purposeful discussions around the potential for harmful impact and outcomes.
💣 Performing risk analyses, perspective-shifting and impact assessments to mitigate and minimise harm.
👭The ethical benefits of co-creation, co-design and a coaching mindset.
😱 Managing harm in real-time when the damage is done.
💰 Long-term thinking and the benefits to business.

The elevator pitch

Ambition Empower is a subscription service for continuous development where thought-leaders within product and design leadership helps you and your team grow. It is optimized for your busy life, allowing you to spend as little as one hour per week, and still stay ahead of the competition. Get your 1-year-membership now!