Digital trends that will transform your business

Digital trends that will transform your business

In a few hours I’m giving a keynote at the Ballad networking conference covering export of digital services for small and medium enterprises. These are my slides for the presentation, which I decided to entitle Digital trends that will transform your business.

Digital trends that will transform your business from Per Axbom

Story 1: Keynotopia (prototyping template)

The story I lead with is how Amir Khella started his business around the prototyping template Keynotopia by spending 3 hours on development and having his first customer within 10 minutes of launch. You really should read his detailed coverage of this achievement, along with his own recommendations and tips.

Also, I’m a big fan of Keynotopia and use it a lot!

Story 2: Memoto (wearable camera)

The other story is how Memoto reached their funding goal multiplied by 11(!) in their Kickstarter campaign. Memoto are also great at sharing everything that went down and I especially recommend the 2 posts:

Key messages

My main message in the presentation? Create a platform for connecting with your users. And really listen to them. The potential for getting close to the people who are passionate about the same things as yourself has never been higher! Share that passion.

The secondary message is that you can accomplish anything with very little resources today. One of the drivers of this is the globality of the internet, the fact that you can connect with anyone wherever they are and that creative ambitious people all over are aching to show off their talents.

Because you know what? Great ideas don’t have border control. Let’s keep it that way.