English blog - Total Recall

English blog - Total Recall

So yes, I am back to blogging in English after having had a successful Swedish blog for almost 10 years now, and yes I will be keeping both blogs alive. What most people do not know, however, is that I started out blogging in English as early as 1997 (on this domain! — axbom.com). The sites are on a hard drive backup somewhere but thanks to The Wayback Machine I was able to get this incredibly nostalgic screenshot:

Mobile first 13 years ago

What is really cool about this particular screenshot is the footer. I was desigining this site for fast loads (if memory serves this was the second or third redesign of my site) as I had just won a Palm III at the builder.com conference in New Orleans. So in essence I was doing mobile first 13 years ago! I was also a big fan of XML apparently.

Pretty comfortable with English

Yes I am Swedish but I also grew up in Yekepa, Liberia; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania attending English international schools. So I have been longing to get back to writing more in this language as well on a regular basis, also of course because it will allow me to connect with a much larger audience and give me a platform to network with peers I meet at industry conferences.

Fresh content vs pulling from the archives

I have written some English texts over the years, I just have to find them, but I will in fact be focusing on writing new fresh posts for this blog and doing interviews with smart people. Also, make sure you check out the UX Podcast I am already doing with James Royal-Lawson (@beantin).

Work in progress

Most of this new English site of mine will be a work in progress, at least until end of year. But do stop by and give me feedback. It’s what us bloggers feed on.

Anyway. It’s good to be back. Real good. Now go subscribe to my feed or newsletter so you don’t miss anything 😉