A fisher had finished work early and was sitting next to her boat on the beach. A wealthy businessman walked by, clearly upset by seeing the woman displaying such laziness.

“Why aren’t you out fishing?”, he inquired.

The fisher responded: “Because I have caught enough fish for today. Now I’m taking it easy and enjoying the afternoon sun.”

“Why don’t you catch more fish when you have time to spare?”, said the businessman.

“What would I do with that fish?”, she wondered.

“You could sell it and make more profit. With that money you could buy a bigger engine for your boat. You could go further out to sea, fish on deeper waters, catch more fish and buy nylon nets. That could give you even more fish and make you even more money! Soon you’ll have enough money to buy another boat, you could build a whole fishing fleet, sell it and make a fortune.”

“And then what would I do?”, the fisher pondered under her hat.

“Then you can relax, unwind and enjoy life!“, he explained.

“Well, what do you think I’m doing now?”, she laughed.

This is a retelling of the old parable of the businessman and the fisherman. Sadly the original author is unknown.

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