Holy customer failure @GymPact

Holy customer failure @GymPact

I’ve tried getting the attention of GymPact via several support tickets and via Twitter. Today I gave up, closed my account and uninstalled the app. Since GymPact decided to ignore me I decided to document my story in these slides, pictures, videos and tweets.


I just checked. And yes, on the 18th of September GymPact charged me 10 dollars – despite my many, many messages to them describing that it was impossible for me to add my gym to the app (see below). GymPact appears to just not care about user problems. Been reading several bad reviews now. My advice is to just close your GymPact account and uninstall as soon as possible.

The GymPact Customer Journey / User Experience Map

Slideset of the GymPact experience

I tried to contact GymPact via bug report, help desk message, the specific e-mail address for corrections and tweets every time I was at the gym. I have 3 (still unanswered) ticket numbers. After many days I got an answer via Twitter saying they would “soon get back to me”, only to again be met by silence after that. Not a word since September 17. But they had no problem ignoring my attempts at contact and then charging me money. This is not ok in any way in my book.

Here is a slideset describing all the touchpoints:

Video of me talking you trough the GymPact slides

This video became a bit long, but it was late and I was tired and upset. It’s the same slideset, but with me describing them all the way through.

When making the video I was still not aware of the fact that GymPact had already charged me money, that just seemed out of the question for me. And then, just before going to bed it struck me I need to check my bank transactions. And sure thing: they charged me after inviting me to report problems, I did report problems, and they simply ignored my feedback. Still trying to get my head around how they justify that…

You can see all my tweets trying to get Gympact's attention.

How to close GymPact account and uninstall the GymPact App

It’s not hard. Just start the app, click settings, scroll down and delete the account.