Kevin Powell on Mobile Web and Responsive Design

Kevin Powell on Mobile Web and Responsive Design

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon Kevin Powell‘s presentation on Slideshare, Why Mobile First isn’t Enough, and the accompanying video. I found his presentation and performance really intriguing and since Responsive Web Design is all the new rave, i.e. something I need to know about, I called him up for an interview.

The sound was a bit shady at times (The Nashville-Stockholm connection on Skype wasn’t to my liking) but I did some extensive editing of this interview and I think you will enjoy the result. Kevin is really articulate, passionate and good at explaining the concepts of designing mobile web sites. I expect him to be speaking at more conferences in the future. You know where you heard of him first

Check out Kevin’s blog Under the Bed and be sure to follow @kevinmpowell on Twitter!


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