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If your challenges have anything to do with understanding, planning and visualising ideas for digital solutions, I am here for you. I've been advising and consulting for organizations of all shapes and sizes since 1998.

You can email me directly if you wish to discuss a potential assignment, or read on for inspiration and elucidation on the many ways I can help you.

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For more than 20 years I have worked with the balance of human, computer and environment in digital design. My expertise is communicating value gains to stakeholders and development teams in such a way that we share a common goal, build the right thing and ensure positive impact.

My research, sketches and prototypes bring critical insights and assist in mapping the way forward. Working together, with frequent status checks, we contribute to lasting change.

(Cartoon, 2 people outside office building, in park with city in background) Person 1: Let me take you out of the building. Person 2: So this is what's going on out here!
“Per Axbom has a rare, valuable combo in being able to talk to 'techies' in tech language and at the same time capturing, understanding, translating and mediating from a communications perspective. Invaluable! In addition he is curious about averything – a cool, righteous and competent guy!” — Eva Stattin, enterprise client


Many people worry about how well their work aligns with their personal values and ambitions. You may also experience a sense of imposter syndrome, doubt your own competence or struggle finding your voice and the best way forward in your current position.

As your coach I help you uncover your goals and strengths, bringing you closer to the person you want to be. Together, we set up coaching sessions that fit with your schedule and preferred mode of communication.

I carry out assignments for coaching groups and individuals, in leadership as well as junior positions.

(Cartoon) Person 1: I'm in need of change. Person 2 (pointing to wavy arrow with a smiley face at the end): Ok, let's walk this path together.
“You can't ask for a better outside perspective than you get from Per Axbom. He's been extraordinarily helpful to me in providing the type of insight that only someone with his particular mix of real-world experience and natural inquisitiveness can.” — Jason Kirst, coaching client


Learning, building upon and sharing new knowledge has been a significant part of my career. I am regularly asked to do talks and workshops at conferences and networking events. And by teaching at design schools I force myself to stay on top of my game and take pride in giving back and growing the industry.

Always trying to challenge generally accepted truths, I want the audience to walk away with new insights, tools and conversation starters. It's the conversation that moves us to the next level.

(Cartoon, 3 people looking at table with a paper drawing on it.) Person 1 (seated): But I thought they wanted less friction! Person 2 (standing): The friction helps them make better decisions. Person 3 (seated): Wow, I never thought about that.
“Amazing talk by @axbom.” “Your talk was my favourite.” “Hearing lots of whispers about how amazing @axbom's talk is :)” “@axbom That was truly inspiring. My brain has had a fantastic workout thinking about your talk.” — Various feedback on my Fairytale Experiences talk. (video)


The power of words has always amazed me. Obsessed with creative writing in school I wrote my first novel at 19. I started blogging in 1997 and went on to run one of the most recognized blogs in Sweden around usability and accessibility. Hint: it's the website you're on right now.

By regularly contributing through blogs, articles – and also podcasting and books – I can try out new ideas, reach thousands of people and get valuable feedback and ideas in return. It allows me to keep pushing the boundaries of what design is and can become.

You will find my most of my written work through my blog(s), and the best way to stay with me for the long haul is my newsletter.

If you want almost daily musings, following and talking to me on Twitter is a good bet. But be warned, I am sometimes rebellious there.

I have left Twitter and these days you can find me on the decentralised network Mastodon, where my username is: @axbom@social.xbm.se.

(Cartoon, a person typing on computer.) Text above person, each word in increasingly spread out and random rotation: Hey words, it's time to shake it up.


The majority of content on my blog is released free and under open access. To help support my writing, teaching and digital human rights activism you can also opt to become a supporter of my work. For paying supporter I release a selection of unique content on a regular schedule.

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