Here are the slides for my UXLx talk The Invisible Problem with Fairy Tale Experiences. Huge thank you to everyone in the audience for having a good time with me. Give me a shout on Twitter if you have questions or comments.

Update in April, 2017: Here is the video of the talk!



The AceAwe Experience Model by Per Axbom

The AceAwe Experience Model is a free e-book about a helpful thinking tool for crafting products with a focus on user experience.

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Accessibility Basics by Per Axbom

Accessibility Basics is currently being translated from my Swedish articles about the W3C accessibility guidelines. Planned release: Summer 2017.

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UX Sidekick, book by Per Axbom

UX Sidekick is a work in progress during 2017. It will be full of templates and thinking tools for streamlining your work. Planned release: late 2017.

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Little Bossman - A novel by Per Axbom

Little Bossman is a novel I wrote when I was 19 years old. In it my passion for writing is woven into a thriller about a man who has lost all hope.

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