T-shirts for interaction designers — and a geeky joke

T-shirts for interaction designers — and a geeky joke

Last year I designed a couple of t-shirts for interaction designers. This joke popped into my head. Beware that you have to be an extreme nerd to find it remotely funny:

A persona walked into a storyboard looking for some interaction. At the end of the scenario he found himself eye-tracking a mental model with a wireframe interface. He sorted his cards and managed to think-aloud: ”I love your design pattern, would you like to come back to my iPad for some bodystorming?”. ”Sorry,” she replied, ”you’re just not my prototype.”

After I pushed for Nick Finck’s great post on gift ideas for UX:ers I was alerted by Thomas Lindqvist that my t-shirts could make the list. Anyway, here’s the “Interaction Designers Do it with Mental Models” t-shirt and the others I quite enjoyed putting together. Hey, why not buy one! 😉

T-shirts for interaction designers

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