β€” 20 years old

A short film I made to commemorate the anniversary of my first axbom domain purchase. I had no idea what a fantastic adventure I had embarked on. β€” 20 years old


20 years ago on November 10, 1997, I bought

I shared my early experiments building websites.

And got my first job as a web designer.

Where I discovered the importance of usability.

I blogged about all I learned and thousands were reading!

I made new friends all over the world!

I started getting speaking engagements!

This gave me the self-confidence to start a company.

So now I’m writing about all these crazy experiences.

And finding treasure everywhere I go.

Having space on the Internet has brought down wall after wall.

Thank you for watching. You’re helping make this happen.

I also think buying that domain name was a pretty good idea. – My space since 1997. Feel free to visit.

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