Quick intro for Per Axbom with links to all publications and assets.


I am a tech-geek who lived through the 80s exploring home computers and binging all the movies on VHS, the 90s writing fiction and studying communication science, and the 'zeroes' developing a profession in digital design. I am now trying to help people deal with the digital mess the world finds itself in. My primary tools are writing, teaching and coaching.

Many know me professionally as a UX Designer or a Digital Ethicist. Since the early 2000s I've also been involved in the online accessibility space. I do a lot of speaking at events as well as teaching and podcasting. But I also need plenty of alone time to recharge after being social. This aligns with introversion, which I tend to identify with.

I’m Swedish and live in Sweden today, though I was born in Liberia and also lived in Saudi Arabia and Tanzania when growing up. I’ve moved house about 27 times in my life, and the majority of those before I turned 20.

I’ve been active for a long time online, and created a ton of free content. You’re welcome to follow, explore and talk to me in a variety of spaces. I've now left algorithm-based social media but you'll find my details on my contact page.

For anyone curious about my my values and perspectives, I maintain a list of featured content that I've written, spoken, produced or hosted.

In English

In Swedish / På svenska

Hire me

You are welcome to hire me for consulting, advising, teaching, coaching and writing. I also do a fair amount of visualisations and explainer videos.

I have a few spaces for describing what I do:

  • Consulting in design and more. Digital drive – A way to hire me on a retainer basis for a variety of jobs. The most cost-efficient way of getting access to all my skills if you ask me ;)
    (Swedish: drivkraft)
  • Coaching. Coaching teams in design and tech - Where I help teams with regular coaching over six months or more
    (Swedish: gruppcoach)
  • Speaking. Speaker rider - A description of what to consider when hiring me as a speaker
    (Swedish: Talar-PS)
  • And more. Services - A few more ways of describing the things I can do for you
    (Swedish: Tjänster)

I don't have an English page for teaching at university level yet but here is the Swedish one:

Support my work

If you believe my work in digital ethics and teaching provides value for yourself and others, there is a possibility of being a financial supporter, $4 month-by-month or $40 yearly. Your patronage helps me write more often, create more free material and reach more people. The aim is is still to make the majority of my content available at no cost. Thank you.