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A collection of links to all the places online where you can find my writing and productions.


Despite previously having had a significant presence on social media I have opted to leave Facebook and Twitter. For similar arenas you can find me on Mastodon (social network), or the Fediverse, and Matrix (chat/messenger). After some time away I am also present on LinkedIn again.

The recommendation for following my work is to subscribe to the newsletter, and send email when you want to reach me. Pretty straightforward.


I've written stories since early childhood and been blogging on my own domain since 1997.


My first podcast was published in 2007. For UX Podcast, which I co-host with James Royal-Lawson, we have recently surpassed 300 episodes and 2.5 million downloads.


You can hire me for coaching, design, consultancy work, explainer videos and more. Send an email and we can talk about a setup that works for you and your organisation.

Examples of offerings:

  • Digital drive. Hire me 1, 2 or 3 days per month on a yearly basis to access all my competencies in a flexible way.
  • Group coaching. Custom setups where I meet your team for about six hours per month during six months or more.
  • Speaker and educator. I present talks, keynotes and workshops in Sweden and across the world. Watch a few of my talks.
  • Explainer videos. I help many of my clients communicate tools and changes in ways that truly help the target group. Sometimes with video.


I've continuously produced free educational content for more than 20 years. To support my efforts in writing, blogging and producing tutorials you can sign up as a supporter.

Wondering about something? Easiest choice is to email me.

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