Allow me to listen

Allow me to listen

Hey friend,

What a year it's been. For many: devastating. For many: healing will take time. And at a time when families come together to share traditional experiences, many won't. The unfamiliar is overwhelming. And exhausting.

It's okay — expected even — to feel tired, low-spirited, mediocre, unprofessional. Know that you are not alone.

Here's why I am writing today: I want to feel of use. And often we are stuck in daily routines that don't provide that satisfaction. Perhaps now more than ever.

A post on LinkedIn caught my eye. Irina Andreeva, a co-active coach, is encouraging coaches to conduct at least one free coaching session up to December 24.

Believing that this is something I can provide to create value for others I decided to set up my version of this: Up until December 23rd. I am offering one free 30-minute coaching session per day, Monday through Thursday, and they can be booked on a "first come, first served" basis.

Before I put this on social media I wanted to let newsletter subscribers know first.

I also know that many of you reading this may be in a position to offer something similiar. I encourage you all to reach out and offer your listening skills for people who need a helping ear. Use Irina's hashtag: #OneSimpleActOfService

Book a session with me here. I'm happy to coach in English or Swedish.

In other news

I've relaunched my blog on the Ghost platform and written all about it.

I've made it a bit more clear Why I avoid using Zoom for meetings.

The video and transcript from my talk at UXCopenhagen are online, and tickets for next year's event are being released, a few tickets accompanied by my handbook.

I've set up a free landing page describing my practices for teaching and running workshops online.

My Digital ethics mindmap has been published as part of the EU RRI (Responsible Research & Innovation) Toolkit.

We recently released episode 250(!) of UX Podcast, an interview with Anna Rosling Rönnlund, talking about factfulness.

Tools and tips

Meeter. This free tool for Macs has been a huge timesaver for me: it pulls the meetings from the calendar on your Mac and provides all links to all the meeting platforms that you are to participate on, in one place. I especially enjoy the status bar countdown to my next meeting. is a great site for speakers wanting to showcase their slidedecks and talks.

When you embed videos from Vimeo you can do so with a parameter known as dnt (do not track). This means your visitors are not tracked at all. Hooray for Vimeo and let's hope more services follow suit.

I have a few tweets with tips for workshop warm-up exercises.

Being able to show a big timer on screen has been invaluable for me when running workshops. I use Smart Countdown Timer, but there are hundreds of options out there.

Until next time: Be good.
(To yourself first.)

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