Back to basics

Two old carriage wheels leaning against a wall outside.

Changing the newsletter around again

I'm going back to basics. My newsletter is no longer Pandamonium or any of the previous gimmicks. It's straight-up just a newsletter from me - no bells and whistles. And going forward it will primarily be my blog posts and only be sent out when there are new posts,

Theoretically this can mean up to two issues per week, but will more likely mean two issues per month. If you speak Swedish this also means you can get a separate newsletter with Swedish posts on other topics.

If you stick around, then going forward the content will still include smart tools, quick tutorials as well as opinion pieces and book reviews.

We've all been through a lot this year and the turbulence is far from over. Stay safe through your struggles. My wish for you are small and frequent pockets of space to breathe and recover and reflect.

With all my compassion,


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