The Hidden Persuaders of the Digital Age

The Hidden Persuaders of the Digital Age

Thank you to everyone who attended my talk on the topic of ethics in design at EuroIA. I am hugely thankful for the opportunity.

I am seeing more and more digital solutions that contribute to negative impact, putting people and planet in harm’s way, without any clear sense of responsibility or accountability. My intent is to keep creating awareness about how we as designers must consciously incorporate ethical thinking in our work processes.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences around this subject and what your takeaways were from the presentation. Reach out to me on Twitter (@axbom) or comment on this page.

Misusability — a book in progress

You can now get a free excerpt from the book I am currently writing. Head over to

If the idea of positive friction is interesting to you, you may also want to read and watch my presentation The invisible problem with fairytale experiences.

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