My deepest gratitude

My deepest gratitude

It's significant and moving to me that you are willing to be a backer of my work. Your contribution gives me courage to do more. My warmest of thanks.

Your paid membership means first of all that you support my work with teaching and raising awareness on digital ethics and responsible innovation. I currently do this through writing, speaking and educational efforts.

Added value

Of course I want you to feel you are getting something more. I will  be releasing different forms of templates and worksheets for download. It will vary whether this material is exclusive to paid members and if it also released much later to others.

I will also invite to exclusive meetups for paying members a few times per year. You will gain more access to me if you wish to ask questions, or just want to hear me try out new subjects and content for talks and  lectures.

If you have additional  ideas on how I can help you as a paying member and backer to receive more value from my work, let me  know.

Extra material

You get the same newsletter as everyone with a free membership, and also the mailings informing about new material and events. And everything will be reachable through the website.

You decide

Stay as long as you wish. If my work – and what I achieve – doesn't match your expectations you can end you subscription at any time.

Thank you for your support,

PS Never feel bad for having to pause or cancel you membership. Life moves in waves and circumstances change. You are always welcome to send me feedback on

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