Pandamonium - Remembering to replenish

Pandamonium - Remembering to replenish

I'm not gonna lie. I'm tired.

Tired panda laying on the ground

Yesterday morning at breakfast there was a knock at the door. A bit early for a visit, I mumbled under my breath as I opened the door to reveal my neighbour. He reached out to hand me a collection of keys. “Thought you might want these.”, he teased..

Turns out I had left my keys in my motorcycle outside, overnight. We all make mistakes. Except this was the second time in a five-day period. The first time I left the keys in for 8 hours during the day on a street in Stockholm.

When things like this happen I know to check with myself how I’m feeling. Since December I’ve been working long hours, taught a 2-week ethics course for the first time, and managed activities related to children’s school, our dog’s operation and the passing of a close relative.

Oh yeah, and I published a handbook on ethical design.

In this very book I bring up how important it is as a designer to care for your own well-being. In a weakened state of well-being you also increase chances of making poor decisions that can potentially hurt many others. That’s how I find motivation to stop myself and tell others when I’m at odds with my workload. And I try to accept my inability to respond to an onslaught of messages in the many different digital channels we all deal with.  

Sometimes we just need space to go for a walk and breathe. But not everyone has this opportunity. Not everyone can choose. Not everyone has an understanding and accepting environment. So even in my periods of stress I try to recognise my privilege. And remember the power of listening and being attentive when interacting with others. How my acceptance of others can empower their well-being and ability to do good work.

That is why I go on walks - and how our dog empowers me. The walks allow me to replenish my ability to help others grow on their own terms.

Panda with a heart

Digital compassion.

Yes, the book is physically here. At least the Swedish one. The English one is due end of May. This is not the same Misusability book I have been talking about in previous newsletters but a smaller handbook focused on defining the problem of digital harm and how each one of us can work to mitigate that harm. It’s part of a book series to read quickly, use as a reference and carry in your bag. Format, layout and language is designed to include as many readers as possible.

The reception has been fantastic and I am as always grateful for the people who take time out of their their day to provide feedback and support. That is replenishing too.

I wanted to write to let all subscribers know sooner, but you know, stuff.

So if you’re in Sweden you can actually order it straight from me today. If you want the e-book you can get it from Adlibris or Bokus. I also have plans to do an audio book version.

I’ll write again to let you know when the English book is available to order.

Coming up.

Next Thursday, May 16 at 8 am, I’ll be doing a talk / round-table on ethical design at an event organised by Savvy Design Collaborative here in Stockholm. In Swedish. Check out event details here.


Yes, I changed the name of the newsletter. Again. Thankully I am still the same person. Sort of.

Be good,

Panda holding a balloon that says "It always seems impossible until it's done."

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