Surfacing Podcast interview with Per Axbom

Surfacing Podcast interview with Per Axbom

I was recently interviewed by Lisa Welchman and Andy Vitale for their Surfacing Podcast, where they "have conversations with the people who design and create experiences for our world." It's such a warm, reflective podcast and I felt really welcome and at ease being interviewed by them. I got to be excited about the stuff I do and we had brilliant and important conversations on digital harm and the complexity of addressing that harm.

On a personal note I was especially gleeful over Andy's interest in my first computer (a Sinclair ZX81), which I got to show off in our video meeting. 😊

We spoke about compassion and digital ethics, my background in Africa, Sweden's online identification app Bank-ID, my experience with Clubhouse, and I also got a chance to do an audio explanation of the Inclusive Panda model. 🐼

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