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I help people understand and grapple with the troubles of tech

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I strongly believe that technology can help millions of people. I also believe it can hurt millions of people. My concern is that too few are paying attention to the harm. What I teach and write about revolves around working with human rights in digital innovation.

For example:

  • How to recognise harm (and listen to people who are harmed) – and talk about it
  • How to avoid, mitigate and manage harm – and pay attention to wellbeing
  • How to see and pursue alternative, ethical ways of working the digital space

You're in the right place. Likely you are aware of ethical dilemmas related to tech, and looking for more guidance and inspiration to cope with ongoing and future challenges.

About once a month I will write to tell you about the things I'm working on, tools I've found, presentations I'm doing and news worth your attention.

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While waiting for the next issue, here are some content suggestions you may find useful for learning about my work:

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  5. Digital Compassion: A Human Act
  6. The invisible problem with fairytale experiences
  7. My book: Digital Compassion

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